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NYWBA History and History of Women Lawyers & Judges in U.S.

Major Milestones in the History of Women Attorneys and Judges in the United States

It took a long time for women to achieve equality in the legal profession.
Click here for a list of some of the major milestones in the history of women attorneys and judges in the United States.

NYWBA Celebrates 75th Anniversary - June 10, 2010

NYWBA celebrated its 75th Anniversary at a gala Awards and Installation Dinner on June 10, 2010.
Click here to download the commemorative Dinner Journal from the event (PDF)

Overview of NYWBA's History

The NYWBA has prepared several materials to highlight our illustrious history.

  • Click here to view a brief overview of the NYWBA's history from the 75th Anniversary Dinner Journal (PDF)
  • Click on the links below to view additional information about our history from the 70th Anniversary Dinner Journal (PDF):

    Front cover
    Pages 2-29
    Pages 30-59
    Pages 60-88
    Pages 89-115

  • Click here to view a slideshow of past events.

NYWBA's Founders, Past Presidents and Advisory Council

  • Click here to download the biographies and photos for our NYWBA's Founders, Past Presidents and Advisory Council (PDF)
  • Click here to download a biography and photos for our Founder, Past President and Benefactor - Hon. Florence Perlow Shientag (1908-2009) (PDF)

NYWBA's Archive Project

The NYWBA's Long-Term Planning Committee, chaired by Past President Elizabeth A. Bryson and Director Myra L. Freed, is working on a major project to preserve our rich history and expand our archive of historic materials, including photos of members and events, past Journals, Newsletters, minutes, memoranda and other materials. If you have any information or materials that may be of value to the Association, please send a note to or call 212-490-8202. All contributions are welcome. If you have precious originals, the LTP Committee will arrange to have them scanned and returned.

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