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NYWBA on Social Media Sites

In January 2010, the NYWBA officially established groups on the Facebook and LinkedIn social networking websites. In November 2013, NYWBA sent its first "tweet" on Twitter. These sites serve as networking tools and ways to relay information about the NYWBA.

The LinkedIn Group is open exclusively to current NYWBA members and can be used to facilitate discussions and the exchange of information about and among our members.

The Facebook Page is open to all. It contains basic information about the NYWBA, educates prospective members about the rewards of membership, and serves as free advertising for the NYWBA. The Facebook Page also contains information on how vendors can advertise in our monthly newsletter. In addition to the NYWBA Page on Facebook, we also have a Facebook Group, which is open to members of the NYWBA, publicizes select NYWBA events, and provides a general forum for members.

Launching the NYWBA on these social networking sites not only brings the NYWBA into the 21st Century but serves as a free marketing tool to generate new memberships and provide information about the NYWBA in new venues.

Accessing the NYWBA's sites on Facebook and LinkedIn is easy. Click on the links below to join. Please e-mail Executive Director Karen Lu if you have any questions or need assistance.

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